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Wrist Tendonitis Treatment

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The hand surgeons at the Surgery Center of Allentown specialize in treating wrist tendonitis and upper extremity conditions. Most cases of wrist tendonitis do not require surgery and can be managed by an experienced orthopaedic specialist using noninvasive treatments. Our physicians successfully treat wrist tendonitis by creating a customized treatment plan for each patient.


Some of the most effective treatment methods for wrist tendonitis include:


Wrist tendonitis develops when a tendon is overused through repetitive movement and becomes irritated. Recurrent irritation of the tendon and tendon sheath causes inflammation, resulting in pain, limited range of motion and weakened grip. Immobilizing the affected hand with a splint will force the tendon to rest, and the inflammation can subside. 

Hand Therapy

An orthopaedist can recommend different ways to perform daily tasks that will not aggravate the inflamed tendon. Specific exercises for the hand and thumb can also alleviate inflammation and pain.

Corticosteroid Injections

Cortisone is a steroid that decreases inflammation and reduces pain. The cortisone is injected directly into the area of the wrist that is causing pain, and it takes effect immediately. While corticosteroid injections are safe, they can be used only a limited number of times to treat wrist tendonitis. Repeated injections can weaken the tendon over time.

In rare cases, surgery is necessary to reduce pain and restore function to the wrist and hand. Our physicians are prepared to develop a treatment plan for your specific case of wrist tendonitis, so you can resume your normal routine and do the activities you enjoy.

The Surgery Center of Allentown is accepting new patients in the Lehigh Valley area. Our four specialists, Doctors Battista, McDaid, Talsania and Weiss, are board-certified in orthopaedics and fellowship-trained in hand surgery. When you select one of our physicians, you will receive compassionate care paired with the most current treatment methods in hand and wrist therapy.  The Surgery Center of Allentown is located at 250 Cetronia Road, Suite 300, near the junction of I-78 and I-476. Call today and schedule an appointment for wrist tendonitis evaluation and treatment.